About us

It's all about the light...

Light is the "Secret Sauce" that makes a photo stand out, and working the light to our best advantage is the goal.

Our digital darkroom helps to optimize the light, but we don't use it to create an alternate reality.

Our Goals

We need to prioritize day trips and a vacation week dedicated to taking more photos

Plan to overhaul all sites and curate them properly, to keep personal, writing, and photo work each in their own space

Focus on better organization of the photos, categorize properly, and look into what can be done with them

This is when Bob would like to retire and devote full time to writing and AB Images

Our Advantages


We have decades of knowledge and experience in photography and post processing to draw on, along with:

for example

Use the Tools

Adjust the shutter speed to let flowing water visually flow in the image

Be patient

Often, the best way to get a great shot is to sit and wait for it

Don't rule anything out

You can find interesting compositions in unusual places

Selective cropping

What looks like a boat ready to leave the dock is actually mounted on a stand at a lighthouse

Looking ahead

Our own business

We hope the day will come when Anita can run AB Images full time, and are working toward that

One step at a time

We want to ramp up our portfolio and consider using our best work for making products with

We hear great feedback

We've had people rave about our photos, and have made prints as gifts on some occasions


“I love that sunset photo and
Linda loves it even more than me!"


“Those photos look amazing!
I want some of those on my walls"

G.A. Miller