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Capturing our world one frame at a time

a little about us

One of the things that first brought us together was
our mutual love of taking photographs, particularly scenic photographs and capturing the world around us.


Some of our best work happens when we just get in the car and see where it takes us

We use Nikon cameras and lenses

We've been Nikon shooters for decades now, and appreciate the quality of the gear we use.


We've made entries in both the 2019 Nikon Photo Contest and 2019 Sony World Photography Contest this year.

The Dream

One day, Anita would like to make a living behind her lenses.

Post Processing

We use Adobe Lightroom as our digital darkroom to process and optimize our work.


Some of the images we've captured...

we do our best to explore near and far and to take photos that speak to us so we can share those thoughts with others...


You go girl! Live the dream and follow your heart. If you do the thing you love doing, you'll never work another day in your life...